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October 2021


Getting off the fossil fuel roller coaster

With winter rapidly approaching, consumers and policymakers are rightly concerned about the dramatic upswing in Europe's energy prices. Experts now agree that surging international demand for natural gas is driving the steep price increases. RAP analysed the root causes of this electricity price ‘roller coaster’ and identified effective short-term and long-term measures to mitigate the impacts of the crisis — and prevent it from repeating.



Europe’s gas decarbonisation package: Putting new wine in old wineskins?

As the European Commission prepares the Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Market Package, some observers are hopeful that new recommendations will allow for an updated gas market to fit into Europe’s existing framework. The most efficient and sustainable energy transition, however, is not a one-for-one changeover from fossil generation to renewable energy. Instead, clean energy portfolios — including energy efficiency, demand response, distributed energy resources, solar, wind, and storage — offer a far cheaper and deeper decarbonisation pathway.



Wholesale electricity reform to accelerate renewables in Turkey

A new study (in Turkish) from Shura Energy Transition Center, APLUS Enerji and RAP illustrates how improving Turkey’s wholesale power market can expedite the uptake of renewables and lower costs for consumers. The authors analysed three scenarios to determine the best methods for achieving outcomes needed to advance the nation’s transition to clean energy. The findings include enhancing wholesale market competition, increasing flexibility by improving the balancing market, and providing equal market access to demand-side resources.



Exploring the role of EU ETS2 in decarbonising transport and buildings

In the recording of the eighth Electrification Academy webinar, Sofie Defour from Transport & Environment and RAP’s Samuel Thomas analyse the likely impacts of the ETS2 proposal, consider the role of carbon pricing in the electrification of buildings and transport, and address equity considerations.

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Energy efficiency: The unsung hero of the
climate fight

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s sobering report from August 2021 is perhaps the most urgent call to reduce greenhouse gas emissions yet. As nations race to meet the challenge, one important solution is often overlooked: energy efficiency. RAP’s Elaine Prause offers five reasons why this policy tool is integral to meeting climate goals.
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Richard Lowes joins RAP’s Europe programme

At a time when decarbonising heating is a critical part of Europe’s energy transition, RAP is thrilled to welcome Richard Lowes to the organisation. Dr. Lowes’ track record in clean heating policy and research has allowed him to successfully step in and lead our heat team.

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“Continuing with subsidies for [energy] bills is like filling the bath without the plug in — it is a measure we would theoretically have to repeat every year.” — Louise Sunderland

Source: As heating bills spike, how can Europe protect its poor? Thomson Reuters Foundation News


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