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May 2022


A Song in the Key of E: The Future of Load Growth

We need clean electricity for transportation, heating and cooling, agriculture, and industry. Are the regulatory reforms that we’ve advanced in the past thirty-odd years — in particular, integrated resource planning, revenue decoupling, and systems of performance-based rewards and penalties — appropriate to a vision that calls for a great expansion in our electricity use? In a new blog, Frederick Weston writes that the answer is yes, and examines more fully how regulatory reform can continue to meet future needs.



Surf’s Up: Catching the IIJA Wave

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is making available billions of dollars for investment in utility infrastructure, and utility commissions have work to do to understand the implications of this wave of federal funding. David Farnsworth writes about one commission that took steps to catch the wave, and what other states can learn from this proactive approach.



Visions for a Clean Heat Standard

States across the country are exploring ways to lower the emissions associated with a particular energy demand: building heat. Join RAP on Thursday, May 26, for a webinar taking a closer look at a variety of these efforts under way in Northeastern and Western states.

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The Time is Now for Smart EV Charging

As Europe moves toward an electrified transport future, it is critical to draw the most value from charging electric vehicles through so-called smart charging. To this end, RAP analyzed 139 tariffs and services available across the continent that specifically involve smart charging to highlight best practices and innovative approaches.

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